Cybercrime doesn’t discriminate, and neither should your protection. We offer easy access to quality service and enterprise-level cyber protection that’s affordable and scales with your business.

Every company has different types of data, has a different risk appetite and faces different vulnerabilities. Oxford Solutions is dynamic enough to protect you and flexible enough to adapt with your business and the ever-shifting security landscape.

Oxford Solutions delivers the right mix of people, processes and technologies for a fully managed security solution that meets the unique cybersecurity demands of your business – at an affordable cost.

We focus exclusively on security so you can focus on the business. Oxford Solutions takes an active role in monitoring and managing your environment around the clock 24×7.


We become an extension of your team and take an active role in developing a comprehensive security strategy with you. Our people are easy to work with, accessible, and always available.

Business doesn’t stand still, and neither does security. We take an adaptive and strategic approach to help protect your data and other critical assets as your business grows and changes.

The threat and regulatory compliance landscapes are continually evolving. Oxford Solutions brings an informed perspective of regulatory compliance, SEC regulations and legislation to help you meet your obligations.

You don’t need every technology. You need the right technology. Our team’s extensive knowledge of technologies and security offerings ensures that your investments will address your specific security issues.


Because we monitor traffic and data across a variety of industries and companies of different sizes, we have a better handle on what’s happening across the cybersecurity landscape and how it applies to your business.

We’ve been there, done it the hard way and can help you learn from experience. Our highly capable team has extensive cybersecurity expertise and deep roots in the NSA, Military, and Intelligence communities.

Our dynamic technology platform, which covers all facets of cybersecurity, enables us to deliver enterprise-grade security to companies of all sizes. And we have technology alliances with top-notch security companies.

Become proactive, prepared and protected. We apply our security expertise and understanding of your business to decipher threat intelligence and deliver recommendations that help you get ahead of the curve.


We take a collaborative approach to your security, working directly with owners, executive management and security professionals to educate, inform and protect as an extension of your team.

The evolution of cybersecurity has outpaced the availability of qualified security professionals. Meanwhile, the demand for these resources continues to grow. Oxford Solutions’ greatest asset is our people. We share our collective experience and knowledge with you.

We speak your language. Our team brings vast security experience to the business and an informed perspective to executive management, board, and owners. Regular security reports and assessments deliver ongoing value for both you and your customers.

Your protection is not a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ endeavor. We deliver ongoing communications, documentation, monthly reports and quarterly meetings to keep you informed of our progress to protect your business.


World-class security services around the clock.

Oxford Solutions provides a fully-managed security solution that meets the unique cybersecurity demands of your business.


Let Oxford Solutions help you stay informed, protected and ahead of the threats.