Risk comes in a variety of forms – from default configurations to poorly planned network architecture, and insiders with excessive privileges. The experienced security professionals at Oxford Solutions focus on people, processes, and technologies to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment of your security posture and risk profile. We provide prioritized recommendations to reduce the risk to your critical assets.


Security Program Review and Assessments

A comprehensive security program consists of trained professionals who know how to execute policies and processes. We review these elements to assess how well they work together and where you need additional coverage. Oxford Solutions helps to develop an actionable and sustainable security program review.

  • Overview and executive briefing
  • Threat detection report
  • Recommendations and roadmap
  • Network health check

Security Infrastructure Review

We look at your network architecture and current security deployments to determine the security stance of your infrastructure. We provide a technology roadmap and recommendations to enable you to address the weak points identified in our gap analysis.

  • Asset inventory
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Risk Assessment against compliance needs
  • Architecture and infrastructure technology recommendations

Penetration Testing

Through expert penetration testing, Oxford Solutions helps you identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your security posture that can lead to a critical security exposure, specific to your environment. We proactively test your network by simulating an actual cyber attack – the same way a cyber attacker would but in a controlled manner to manage the risks and produce results. Our experience and cyber threat intelligence helps us assess your current infrastructure, applications, and security controls to determine how resilient you are to cyber attacks.

  • Proven penetration testing methodology
  • Onsite debrief of security testing results
  • Assess security controls, policies and procedures
  • Meet regulatory compliance and government regulations
  • Detailed security vulnerability report
  • Best practice recommendations based on unique business and industry needs

Threat Modeling

Oxford Solutions will assess and model threats in relation to your current applications and resources. We follow a proprietary methodology to probe and scan clients’ internal networks for unknown holes and vulnerabilities.