Richard A. White, PhD

Managing Director

About Richard A. White, PhD

Managing Director

Dr. Richard White is a recognized industry expert in the fields of cyber security infrastructure, cybersecurity remediation, and cybersecurity program development. With over 25 years of experience in systems design, security technology implementation and security policy development and enforcement, Dr. White has developed innovative and affordable approaches for the rapid deployment of cyber threat detection and remediation technologies. Prior to his tenure at Oxford Solutions he served as the Chief Information Security Officer for the United States Capitol Police where he coordinated and managed all aspects of advanced malware and advanced threat detection, incident response, and cyber remediation and containment efforts.

Dr. White brings a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional perspective to strategic consulting and cyber security strategy formulation for public and private sector clients. He currently serves as a member of the University of Maryland University College adjunct faculty core and is the course chair for the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance capstone course and degree program. Additionally, he serves as a member of the University of Maryland University College Cybersecurity Think Tank; a member of the Council of Experts at the Global Cyber Security Center; a member of the legislative branch Chief Information Security Officers Council; and a former member of contributors and advisors. In the government sector, Dr. White continues to provide strategic cybersecurity guidance to the United States Patent Trademark Office, United States Capitol Police, Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency, and numerous other government agencies as they develop and refine their strategies for cybersecurity.

Previously, Dr. White was a Lead Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., where he led two multidisciplinary teams: information operations and high availability networking and resilience. Earlier in his career with Booz Allen Hamilton, he worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to provide systems engineering and information assurance solutions for the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and civilian agencies of the federal government

While at Mitretek Systems, a non-profit scientific research and technical assessment & evaluation organization, Dr. White led all technical efforts related to the evaluation and technical feasibility studies of project GovNet – his results were presented directly to Richard A. Clarke, National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism. Additionally, he contributed to Mitretek System’s interdisciplinary cyber security research program by developing methods to measure, model, interpret and analyze challenges and responses in cyber space.

Dr. White is a frequent keynote speaker on cybersecurity matters and regularly presents individual technical topics, as well as participates as an expert panelist at industry sponsored events.

Dr. White has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland University College. He earned Master of Science degrees in Telecommunications and Electronic Business in 2003 and a PhD with a concentration in Information Assurance in 2007.